Macau Travel Vlog : Attractions and Casinos

Bonjour! Hi I’m Venezia Lowis today I am in Macau in purpose to have a good rest last night I need extra effort.. because yesterday our plane departed at 4 A.M from Jakarta, Indonesia transit in Kuala Lumpur at 8 A.M I transit in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines I waited for one hour in airport for my connecting flight to Hong Kong not too bad, because at least I can feel Kuala Lumpur a little bit by the way, I took different airline (Cathay Pacific) to Hong Kong.. Hi, currently I’m in flight to Hong Kong I took Cathay Pacific we have arrived in Hong Kong what time is it? Rivan: One!

it’s already 1 P.M right after arrived in Hong Kong, I bought ferry ticket to Macau I will stay in Macau for 2 days Macau Ferries… the ferry will depart at 4 p.m I slept for 2 hours while waiting which one is my ferry??? this one or this one?? I took Cotai Water Jet the destination is Taipa Ferry Terminal currently, I already inside the Ferry Boat, the trip will take one hour.

I finally arrived in Macau at 5 p.m after arrived in Macau, I took public bus the trip passed Venetian, Parisian, Studio City.. it is like mini version of Europe in Asia continent too bad, I get lost in public bus I decided to took a taxi I passed the same way again but this time with a night view not bad actually, because It’s like sightseeing the city to cheer up myself from get lost :”) I passed Macau Tower It’s an iconic tower in Macau I finally arrived in hotel this is my hotel and it has mini park in front of the hotel I love the ambience the interior desain is vintage It has Breakfast at Tiffany’s we just dropped the luggage for couple of minutes we hunted for dinner after it because we haven’t took a dinner and starving so good! after dinner, I went to Senado Square by foot I’m currently in Senado it’s already late, but many people still gather around to take a walk, hang out, shopping as you can see, the buildings are Europe centrist design architecture because Macau was colonized by Portugal quite long enough Bonjour it’s like a center of shopping area selling dresses, shoes, and beauty products next, I took a taxi to one of the casino: Grand Lisboa in front of Grand Lisboa, there is a smaller casino the name is Casino Lisboa I still have one day in Macau I will depart to Hong Kong in the evening to spend five more days in Hong Kong I’m so excited!! keep follow my travel vlog 🙂 my hotel room located in the corner it has windows to see scenery outside and this is the main window.. scenery! today we will go to The Ruins of St Paul’s it is a church that is famous because of it’s ruins it’s over there.. we are here.. and destination is St. Paul.. which one???

Ruins of St Paul straight, right? that is St. Paul Church come on! walk walk walk! this is the famous Ruins of St Paul’s this Portuguese church had been established since 17th century this is the view from Ruins of St Paul’s this is the rear side.. there are a lot of street food here oh, one piece = HKD 8 ? oooh… okay this is egg tart yummy! bursting filling I continued to Guia Fortress by foot we passed steep road few times I’m very tired and barely feel my leg cahyo!

another steep road.. we finally arrived in Guia Fortress (or Guia Lighthouse) what’s interesting about this place is the amazing view we can see from the top Macau City’s view and this is Guia Fortress need extra effort to come here… huh! next destination is Fisherman’s Wharf we are currently in Fisherman’s Wharf this is the first thematic theme park in Macau I was not explore this spot too much because not many people comes and still under construction in few spots Sands Macau is over there… the location is near with Macau Ferry Terminal we will depart to Hong Kong with Ferry from this terminal while Sands Macau just few steps away.. I came in to see the casino by the way, Now You See Me 2 took a shooting in this casino.. now we are queuing for the bus to take us from Sands Macau to Venetian it is a free shuttle bus anyway yeayy.. it’s free 🙂 we are now in Venetian this mall is super cool with Europe design architecture the sky above is just a artificial anyway so cool.. so beautiful.. oh my God.. I fell in love with this place because it made me feel like in Venezia, Italy haha… it’s not the real one… by the way, the mall is huge and the artificial river is… veryyyy longgggggg…… okay, it’s time to return to Sands Hotel by shuttle bus I passed Macau Tower again I also passed Kun Lam statue or Kwan Im in Chinese before I go to Macau Ferry Terminal to depart back to Hong Kong we went to Grand Prix and Wine Museum as last destination in Macau I am currently in Grand Prix and Wine Museum there are a lot of Formula One cars this one looks like cigarette packaging it has a box shape let’s see the Wine Museum I have arrived in Macau Ferry Terminal I am waiting for the Ferry the departure time is 6.45 P.M depart to Hongkong… Hong Kong…!!!

but this time I took Turbo Jet.. I finally arrived at Hong Kong I immediately look for my first hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui my hotel located right in front of MTR Tsim Sha Tsui just a few steps from MTR station so it’s very practical this is the room, quite small.. difficult to move.. but the most important is… cleanliness must be number one we have arrived in Hong Kong what time did we arrive, darling? we arrived at 8 p.m hotel Room in Hong Kong is relatively small and the price is quite expensive in Jakarta, with this price we can get big size room but in Hong Kong we can only get this size we are now waiting for Rivan’s friend his friend is at Hong Kong as well he is on his way to come here we want to go to Avenue of Starts together in Avenue Of Stars’ area, there is nice spot to see the view of Hongkong city the buildings are relatively tall but well design but the building are closely attached together I can’t imagine if there is an earthquake 🙁 we arrived at Avenue of Stars we can barely see anything because it’s already late the statues is black colour these are some statues picture taken by Rivan but rest of statues is closed due to renovation it is stated the renovation will due until 2018 what??? today is 15 September 2016, which Hong Kong citizens celebrate Mid Autumn Festival so there are lot of nice decorations the theme is NASA quite cute, isn’t it? I have second part of Hong Kong Travel Vlog there were a lot of interesting places that I visited so, if you are curious.. don’t forget to subscribe my channel 🙂 see yaaaa…