Microgaming Premier Roulette

Roulette is an online casino game that is very difficult to improve upon. The betting formats have long been standardized except for the odd changes in the form of different side bets. Over the past year several new operating features have been introduced and there does not seem room for more. Microgaming is known as an innovative software developer and despite these constraints has produced a new online roulette game. Premier Roulette, as its name suggests, does take online roulette to a new level.

The layout of the features and the operating buttons on the screen is arranged in a much more ordered manner. This not only gives a more pleasing appearance but also leads to more convenient navigation. The highlight of Microgaming Premier Roulette is the Change Table customization option. There are other online roulette variants that allow players to customize the roulette table to some degree, but Premier Roulette surpasses them. There are two colors available for the roulette wheel, black and brown. Green, red and blue form the colors of the felt. Together these give players six options to choose from.

The roulette wheel appears in a 3D format, which adds a touch of realism. But most players find it more convenient to have the layout in the flat view and Microgaming Premier Roulette has taken heed. Both the table layout and the wheel layout are given side by side. The table layout can be used to place the inside and outside bets and the wheel layout can be used to place the call bets and the splits bets.

On the top left hand corner are the features that mostly affect the visual experience of Microgaming Premier Roulette. The Change Table feature can be activated from here. The Video Zoom feature zooms in on the winning number after the wheel comes to rest. The Win Details feature is an important one for players who wager a large number of different bets. It shows the details of all bets that have won, the amount staked, the payout ratio and the amount won. Players who place single bets or expert players who can mentally track all their bets instantly should disable this feature because the pop up screen that displays this information needs to be manually disabled and this can get irritating after some time. There are two Game Speeds to choose from. The Turbo does away the animation of the wheel spinning and directly shows the ball in the final pocket when the Play button is activated.

The statistical information is shown in the top right hand corner. This includes the Bet amount and the Won amount. This History section displays the last nine numbers called, with separate columns for red and black numbers. The Cover % displays the percentage of numbers covered by the wagers placed. Expert players who want to carry out a more detailed analysis of the game will find a wealth of information by clicking the Statistics button. The operating buttons are found at the bottom right corner. Microgaming Premier Roulette can be played in Expert and Regular mode. The Expert mode allows Auto Play based on edited bet layouts.

Microgaming Premier Roulette is a European roulette variant. It is offered at all Microgaming online casinos. CasinoAdvisor recommends Platinum Play, Spin Palace, Lucky Nugget and Blackjack Ballroom.