Secure Your Computer Before Playing at Casinos

As a player there is nothing you can do about the security of your account on the server of the online casino except for two things. One is to choose the fast payout online casino to play in and the other is never to save your password in the casino software. These you must do. There is however a lot you can do to secure your own computer. You should be aware that infiltration into your online casino account can take place from your end and if that happens then the online casino will not help you out.

The first thing you should do is to create a user account in Windows. This prevents anyone else from using your computer by asking for the user name and password every time it starts. If you are sharing the computer with your family members then each can create a separate user account and store their files separately. The user account can be created by accessing the User Accounts module in the Control Panel. The Control Panel can be accessed from Settings in the Start Menu. In the User Accounts module you click “Create a new account” in the Pick a task list box; type the user name that you want; select the desired account type and then click “Create Account”. However you will not be switching off the computer every time. Therefore you must lock the computer every time you leave it. This can be simply done by pushing the Window Key + L on Windows compatible keyboards. When you do this the Unlock Computer Password box will pop up. Now no one can access the computer unless the password is entered.

As you interact on the Internet your computer will accumulate inputs. These may be from e-mails you have received or from applications that you have downloaded or even Internet sites that you have accessed. Sometimes clicking on innocuous looking buttons downloads programs on your hard disk. Some of these programs may be viruses, worms and malware like spyware or adware. These programs can perform functions that that you can never even imagine. They can paralyze your computer, report to a third party the sites that you visit on the Internet, store in some other computer every key that you press on the keyboard (and this includes user names and passwords) and even operate your computer from a remote location. Fortunately remedies are available but they have to be exercised. You should have a reliable anti virus program installed. You should renew it when the usage period expires. Though most anti virus programs scan computers automatically, you should check on the status periodically to ensure that the computer is virus free. You should also use programs such as Spybot Search and Destroy to regularly scan their computers for malware and remove them.

The old adage “it is better to be safe than sorry” is never truer than in this case.