Video Poker Money Management

100 Percent Precision Decisions

If you apply or like any of the aforementioned betting methods that were laid out, you can also apply these moves to the video poker machines.

Let’s get my opinion out of the way because you’re gonna play them, whether I condemn them or not. Well I’m not condemning them but merely putting up a sign: “Let the bettor beware!’ I don’t give a rat’s tail if you’re the best poker player in town (second best, if I visit your fair city, but that’s another story).

You can play those machines with 100 percent precision decisions. It don’t matter, because of that little chip that determines the percentage return that that machine is governed by.

The Casinos Don’t Cheat

I hate it when I hear people say, “The casinos fixed those machines!” They’re wrong! One hundred percent dead wrong. The casinos don’t cheat – they don’t have to.

We lose because of:

1. Small Bankrolls;
2. Little Knowledge of the Game;
3. Lack of Money Management;
4. Zero Discipline;
5. No Theory on how to play;
6. An Illogical aggressive method of betting;
7. Disregarding Trends, both negative and positive.

Ain’t it odd that list sounds like my Big Four and Little Three? That is the reason most people lose. That is why the casinos don’t have to cheat, so get that garbage out of your mind. But they do the discipline moves that we lack the brains to do.

1. Set maximum-limit bets on the tables to assure that no hot run whacks them;
2. Set minimum amounts that control the smallest amount a player can bet;
3. Abide by the letter of the law by making sure slot machines and video poker machines pay off the legalized amount.

That ain’t breaking any law, that’s protecting their interests. If you get ahead at a table or machine, you’re free to walk away with your profits, but how many people do?

Remember my main message?

“Seventy percent of the people who enter a casino get ahead! Yet 90 percent of that 70 percent give the money back.”

That ain’t the casinos’ fault.