WSOP Best Gamblers

Remember the plate number in case I don’t make it. Look for me If I don’t make it in WSOP, i mean (speech play). So…Damn.

-Too hot? -Why haven’t you warmed up the car? It’s freezing.

-Yeah, it’s cold. You’ll warm up eventually. -Where’s the heater here?

You can only do this by Google Maps? I can show the way: drive somewhere here… and then go somewhere there. -No. (That’s not gonna work?)

-Why’s the windscreen dirty? -Accusation after accusation. Why so mean? -So I’m entering Caesars Palace, “A total rewards destination”, we’ll be ‘Diamond’ status here as well. -Some dude.

Don’t know him, but since it’s Caesars Palace maybe he’s the one who yelled I AM SPARTACUS? Amazing TV show, by the way. Slot machines here, too. But we’re not interested in those. We know the way to the Forum Shops, and to our dearest horse that we take pictures with every year.

And to Malaysian casino, which we also visit every year to play something. -Seems like I’m in the wrong place. I see Victoria’s Secret in the distance, which means AppStore is back that way. It’s early for me to go to Victoria’s Secret as well, even though it’s named after my one and only VS – Victoria Semina. -The horse and I are 25, too.

Well, I’m a bit older. -Should be somewhere here. A-a-and a turn… Aha! That’s it, I’m going in. Here, phone… Gonna choose an iPhone 7… That’s how it looks nowadays. You pick an iPhone and look through available options.

Who the heck are you? iPhone 7 Plus. -I’ve made up my mind. Hello!

-Good evening! -I heard you are from Belarus. -Yeah!

-Neighbours. -Right! Where are you from? -From Moscow. -Super. Welcome.

-I was in Minsk 5 times last year. -That’s great. -You’ve moved here a long time ago it seems?

-Yeah, I moved ‘cause of swimming, I used to be in the national swimming team. There was a moment when I could either prepare for the Olympics or just… -Yeah, and unfortunately in Russia…in Russia and Belarus, we have a union right, and our athletes are just… -I moved here with the help of, I think they’re still operating in Moscow. It was fine, they found me a scholarship, a university, it was great. -I’m shooting this for a vlog.

-Great! -I picked a charger, it’s red of course. A pink charger, and a phone – it’s red, of course.

They didn’t have pink ones. Lera shouldn’t see this, or they’ll take it away. But it’s all mine for now. -I’m out in the street, it’s still warm, around +28 +30°C.

I have a long, long way back home in Rio ahead of me. People start to go out for evening walks, it got suddenly dark. Crowds of people… This is how we’re used to seeing Vegas. Night-time Vegas comes to life.

It’s Bracelet Award Ceremony for those who won team event. The first bracelet in history that goes to India. Two happy guys are gonna pass by in a moment.

Pity. It could be us, Kirill and I. It wouldn’t be the first bracelet for Russia and Belarus, of course, Vasya Firsov won it not so long ago… But it’s fine.

Kirill will win something, I will win something, and now everybody’s gonna applaud the Indian guys. All in all, they did a good job, no doubt. They deserved their applause.

-I’m shooting a video, see. Found this weird thing. Who would walk around with a fluffy tail like that, how d’ya think? Maybe I should finish someone with this thing.

Kostya, when are you going to get points? -I got two. That’s all I have for now. Played 15 tournaments or so. -Why waste your money like that?

How are you feeling? -The machine doesn’t give itself. -Oh, looks like you also think it’s a slot machine. Do you feel change in the field?

-Not at all. It’s all the same. -Do you need some time to adapt at first?

We discussed it with Slava yesterday, that when we play offline we need some time to adapt. Slava at least gets some practice in live games, but you only play online. -Well, I need to adapt for the first half-hour, just till I get used to what’s what in a new game.

-What are you playing now, $1,5k? -Yep. -Are you entering $10k Dealers Choice? -Don’t know, maybe.

-It’s just…heck, you can afford it. I’d rather play $10k Dealers Choice. -Zaya says the table is good, he’s taking pictures of old dudes with beards. -Have you ever heard Zaya saying he got a bad table or line-up?

-I’ve heard it about in top-50… -Yeah. -Out of a thousand registered. -I think I found the owner of the fluffy tail. -Whatcha doing?

You’re shooting with my camera? -Are you playing with this thing at home? -Wanna touch it?

It’s so cool. -I’m not a fan of touching other people’s tails. Does it help? Wind noise reducer? -30 000 stack, yours? -16 000.

-See. -Damn. -So guys, [PokerDom] is better! -We were talking about this fluffy thing!

It was all about it! -Oh, damn! And I thought…That’s what you’re shooting with? -Yeah.

-Really? -Yeah. We’re playing hand for hand in a $1,5k tournament, bubble time.

It’s not the best table one can get in such tournament: Justin Bonomo won a big flip here. Faraz was under pressure, but was lucky to double up. Nevertheless we’re… Daytime’s over.

Darkened evening Lights the stars awry. Just like Christmas lights, they’re gleaming In the pitch-black sky. All in all, we got our second ITM hit or officially third if we include the team event where Kirill did all the dirty -and clean! work for us.

Of course, it’s not fun to play bubble with Justin Bonomo who had a large stack, with Faraz Jaka, Kristijonas Andrulis. They are amazing guys, a pleasure to talk to, but very hard to play against. However, we made it to Day two, around 260 people left, we’re at 70% from the average stack, 26 blinds…I can play with that. I hope the seating will be good, Justin and I checked – we are definitely at different tables, but neighbouring. We’ll see.

Playing with 25-26 blinds should be easy. What’s important is to get the lucky cards. Another day of the glorious hunt. You could buy two cars like this if you take the first place in this tournament that gathered over 1700 players. We made it to Day Two and were rather close, made it to top-50, payouts were already good. Everything was going fine, at one moment I won ПРИМЕРНО В 30 КОПЕЕК (?)

But to be honest I slowplayed aces, just called from the big blind, board Q 9 7 with a flush draw, i bet all-in with my backdoor fd against Jeremy Ausmus, who had 2 low pairs. On river I got 2 high paris, but after that, unfortunately, i got unlucky in all consecutive pots. Also I’ve lost 2 very expensive flips, AQ < 99 and then QQ < AK. Both of them were 200k chips worth.

So, with 2,5k/5k blinds, it was about an average stack of 40bb. Сan’t complain. You must’ve grown sick and tired of this phrase of mine already, but I believe I haven’t made a single mistake in this tournament. What made it to the live reporting, i showed live stream that I pushed only with good hands in good spots, and i won an important flip, 7-7 against ace-queen.

On the other hand, there was a number of hands that did not make it to live reporting. Once again, I’m satisfied with how disciplined I was, I got very lucky, but…I placed 44th, here’s the card, $6,700 more to my piggy bank. Why not. That’s my second ITM hit of the series with a deep run, well, third if you count Kirill’s score. So, all in all, we getting momentum.

Let’s earn some money, like for that car you’ve seen behind my back!